Sole Story Spotlight: Amy Soto

Sole Story Spotlight: Amy Soto


I made the decision that I needed to make healthier choices in my life.  That meant not only with food choices, but with adding exercise too.  I told myself no matter if my husband or children were going to or not eat healthier or exercise with me I was going to set the example and lead a healthier life style. 

                I started by getting involved with the teacher challenge 5K.  I told myself even if I walked the whole 5k it is a step in the right direction.  Then I helped with training my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop for the Girl’s run the Roc.  Which I can proudly say that all the girls and mothers finished in or before the time I had predict which was 52: oo minutes. From this point, I realized my daughter had the feeling about jogging as I did as a child.  I told her she would not have to do another 5k she did not want to.  I was ok with that because I like to jog now.  With all this said I was not losing any weight and felt defeated.  I felt that a piece to my healthy life style was missing.  Then I saw it in the email from Fleet Feet, Ton of Fun Weight Loss Program.  This was something I could commit to because this group was online open 24/7 for support, and the weigh in was a day during the week which worked for you.

                That is when I start to make a workout plan and weigh in day.  It was easy for me to choose a day to workout/weigh in which was Saturday.  It is my day which I have 3 hours to do things for myself.  I told myself it was fine to start out with one day a week.  I went to the initial weigh in I went in with a positive, nervous, and open mind because I knew I was not going to like anything that the scale was going to tell me and the measurements forget it.  After weighing in I logged in an excellent workout.  From that day forward did not look back.

                I logged my food/water, and exercise into MyFitnessPal.  I found that logging my food helped me realized that I was not eating enough and drinking enough water.  I upped my food intake (with healthy choices) and water.  Going into week 1 weigh in I was not sure if or how much weight I had lost.  I remember going into the room with Lauren stepping on the scale, and not looking down.  I saw the look on her face and looked down 5 pounds down.  I could not believe it!  I must report not every week was as big of the loss as this one.  I even gained some weeks. 

                To get through these times of gain or rough week, I turned to positive self-talk, the online group, Lauren, and my family.  I would tell myself to pick yourself up shake it off and it is a new week, you got this.  I also made sure I was making the right choices for me and my healthier life style.  That means if I did not eat as well as I would of and could of, I tried harder the next week.  I realize that I am human and that I like pizza, pastas, breads, and sweets (just to mention a few).  If I monitor and eat the right portion size I can enjoy all the things I like.  Which I have done and have lost weight.  Remember this is not a diet it is a life style.  Lauren always had a smile on and is a positive person no matter the week you have she would always have a positive word and support you.  My family is my biggest cheerleaders not matter the situations.  They not only encouraged me, but finally got involved with working out and eating healthier.  Having them by my side means the world.

                My husband, Jorge, started to be interested when he notices I was down 5 pounds and then kept losing weight.  He started asking questions how MyFitnessPal app worked, if he could come work out when I go.  Now he logs his foods, water, and exercise into the MyFitnesspal app.  He weighs in once a week at home.  He has start his own weight loss and healthy life style journey.  We go on walks together every Monday (when it is not to cold) when Areana is at Girl Scouts and the other Monday we head over to walk as a family at Ridgeway Fleet Feet.  This makes me so happy.  Before I felt like I had to force him and my children to go out for a walk.

I am not done with my story, it is only the beginning to leading a healthy life style.  I want to set a great example for my children, husband, and my students.     

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