Football Food: Some Healthful Ideas

Football Food: Some Healthful Ideas


No need to let cheering on your favorite team derail your healthy eating habits! You still can enjoy the big games without packing on the pounds this year. Here are some ideas for making your football feasts healthier.


Fry boneless chicken wings in a pan, rather than deep-frying them. Make your own hot sauce, and use low-fat blue cheese dressing. As an alternative, try chicken that is dipped in low-fat buttermilk and then crusted with whole-wheat panko bread crumbs prior to baking. Serve with plenty of celery and carrots on the side!


Use reduced-fat sour cream or nonfat yogurt and low-fat cream cheese in all of your favorite dips. Serve salsa or a low-fat bean dip with baked corn chips. Chop up some raw vegetables and serve with hummus for dipping.


Make your chili with lean ground beef. Add extra beans and vegetables, or make it completely vegetarian

Pepperoni and sausage

Use turkey pepperoni and extra-lean turkey sausage in dips and casseroles.


Make your pizza with whole-wheat crust, low-fat cheese, and extra vegetables.


Roasted spiced nuts are a great, healthful snack and are delicious served warm. As an alternative, try roasted chickpeas or edamame.

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs made with reduced-fat mayonnaise or plain Greek yogurt can contain less than 100 calories each.


Make mini turkey sliders with seasoned lean turkey breast and low-fat cheese on 1-ounce rolls. Garnish with lettuce and tomato. Or try mini sloppy joe sliders made with lean ground meat and mashed kidney beans.


Top air-popped popcorn with dried herbs, spices, and low-fat cheese. As an alternative, add cinnamon and raisins to reduced-fat microwavable kettle corn.


Skewer cooked, seasoned turkey sausage, roasted red peppers, pieces of artichoke hearts, and sun-dried tomatoes for a nutrient-packed kabob.,

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