What's Your Biggest Temptation Food?

So it might seem odd, being just a few days into the start of your weight loss journey that we ask which foods are your biggest temptation. But let’s face it. For the majority of us, overcoming the urge to eat those seemingly irresistible bites can be one of our biggest struggles.

Your responses weren’t surprising when it came to what foods tempt you – pizza, ice cream, chocolate… But one thing that did come across loud and clear, are the emotions that we tie to food. “It’s comforting.” “It makes me happy.” “It makes me stop and savor the moment.”

Logically, we know the devil did not invent pizza. And that in reality, happiness does not disguise itself as a piece of chocolate cake. (Your words, not mine) But who ever said there is anything logical about our emotions – let alone emotional eating.

The big question is, so now that we realize we’re emotional eaters, what do we do about it?

Click here to learn some tips on curbing emotional eating.

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