Weddings, Reunions, and Banquets: Prepare to Eat Healthfully

Weddings, Reunions, and Banquets:

Prepare to Eat Healthfully


Some people struggle for weeks and months to lose weight in order to look their best at weddings, reunions, banquets, and special celebrations. Thoughts of what to wear, how to squeeze in extra exercise, and eat less can motivate you to get ready for that special event, but maintaining the motivation during the event sometimes is challenging because these gatherings often are filled with decadent foods.

The following tips can help you avoid temptations, so that you do not counter all of the work and progress you made to get there.


Before the event

  • Eat small portions of light, but filling foods, such as:

–  Fruits

–  Vegetables

–  Yogurt

–  Salad

–  Low-sodium meats and fish

–  Oatmeal

  • Drink water
  • Save time for exercise, which will help instill the mind-set of healthful choices for the rest of the day, considering the following activities:

–  Taking a walk

–  Walking the dog

–  Spending time at the gym

–  Doing an exercise video


At the event

  • Have a plan and stick to it
  • Choose healthful hors d’oeuvres:

–  Wait to see all the hors d’oeuvres that are available and then decide to have the two that look the best to you

–  Pick the most healthful choices—shrimp cocktail, meat or vegetable skewers, bruschetta, and sushi

  • Enjoy the crudités (raw vegetables):

–  Know that you cannot fall off of the health wagon by eating too many vegetables unless you eat too much dip

–  Fill an appetizer plate with your favorite vegetables

–  Take a small spoonful of dip or skip it entirely

  • Bypass the bread and rolls that are on the table:

–  Save your calories, so you can enjoy other things later that are more nutritious

–  Mingle, dance, or catch up with your friends before the meal is served to avoid eating the bread that is on the table

  • Drink water or seltzer as your beverage:

–  If you decide to drink alcohol, have one glass

–  Use low-calorie mixers if you choose a cocktail

  • If you are given a choice of entrée, select chicken, meat, fish, or pork that is broiled, grilled, roasted, or seared
  • If the meal is a buffet:

–  Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and greens

–  Choose small portions of lean protein and starches

  • Treat yourself:

–  Look forward to a piece of cake, pastry, or a sweet treat

–  Taste a few bites of your dessert—if it is not delicious, do not eat it all

–  Allow yourself to have a piece of birthday or wedding cake, decadent chocolate, or a delicious pastry, which you can include in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet


After the event

  • Return to your normal pattern of eating and exercise
  • Keep up the hard work
  • Remember that healthful eating and exercise are for a lifetime



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