Calendar For Family Health: June

Calendar for Family Health: June

June 1
Purchase tomatoes while they are at their peak! Keep them fresh and flavorful by storing them on the counter (not in the refrigerator) and out of direct sunlight.

June 2
Want to keep produce, meat, fish, and dairy products fresh on the way home from the grocery store during the summer heat? Take small bags of ice or freezer packs to the store. Ask your bagger to place them in the grocery bags that contain foods that need to stay chilled. Or consider taking a cooler along.

June 3
Visit a swim park for a whole day of fun. It does not even feel like exercise!

June 4
Buy some apricots!  Eat them sliced up or make a homemade jam to enjoy with whole-grain toast.

June 5
Discover the many different colors of vegetables. Shop for some colorful varieties at your local farmers’ market.

June 6
Head to the beach, but instead of tanning, bring a soccer ball, football, or volleyball for an afternoon of family fun.

June 7
Celebrate the season. It’s time for cantaloupe and watermelon! Do not forget to wash the rinds before cutting them up, so you do not transfer potential bacteria to the delicious fruit.

June 8
Have a healthful summer ice cream treat. Try a healthy banana split by topping a sliced banana with small scoops of low-fat vanilla and strawberry frozen yogurt and crushed whole-grain cereal topping.

June 9
Let the kids select the fruits and vegetables at the store. Even have them place them in the cart.

June 10
Make today a television-free day. Enjoy the outdoors. Play board games. Read together. Sing and dance. There are so many options.

June 11
Try a yogurt-based dip for fruits and vegetables.

June 12
Make sure to put perishable foods from the grocery store in your refrigerator within 2 hours after purchasing them, and within 1 hour during the summertime.

June 13
Visit the high school track with your kids. Run relay races around the track!

June 14
Add a dark-green, leafy vegetable to your salad, such as spinach, kale, or arugula.

June 15
Eat more meals at home. Studies show that eating at home means you consume fewer calories than when eating out at a restaurant.

June 16
Enjoy a family walk after dinner to spend time together, burn calories, and aid digestion!

June 17
Know when to dispose of bad fruit. If you smell or taste alcohol on your refrigerated fruit, it is likely that yeast spoilage is the culprit. Throw it out!

June 18
Serve kids vegetables made into a picture or a funny face.

June 19
Make sure to use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher and one that has both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection.

June 20
Try having your caffeine only in the morning. You will sleep better for it!

June 21
Swap soda for water today. 

June 22
Work in your garden. It is great exercise. Make your garden nutritious by growing vegetables and fruits in your backyard.

June 23
Do you buy packaged greens for a salad? Make sure to wash even “prewashed” greens to prevent bacterial contamination.

June 24
Enjoy a hemp smoothie for breakfast. Start your day with this plant-based source of protein, iron, and calcium.

June 25
Plan an active family vacation. Visit somewhere where all of you can walk around together, play water sports, or hike!

June 26
Are you looking for a healthful barbeque or picnic side? Instead of mayonnaise-based potato salad and coleslaw, try a baby spinach salad with strawberries.

June 27
Serve summer fruit parfaits.  Layer low-fat vanilla yogurt with peaches and fresh blueberries.

June 28
Mix it up by using mustard instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich today. You can choose from a variety of delicious mustards!

June 29
Mix up a smoothie with seasonal fresh fruit, fat-free lemon or vanilla yogurt, and a touch of honey for a summer dessert alternative. Yum!

June 30
Make homemade French fries with white potatoes (or even better, sweet potatoes) in the oven with a little heart-healthy oil and fresh herbs.



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