Calorie Reduction: Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories or More

Calorie Reduction:

Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories or More

If you cut 100 calories from your daily food intake, you could lose as much as 10 pounds in a year. It also is simple to do, as these examples prove.



  • Replace your morning glass of regular juice with a glass of lite or reduced-sugar juice
  • Switch out 1 ounce (oz) of cooked pork bacon for 1 oz of Canadian bacon
  • Trade ¼ cup (C) of regular pancake syrup for ¼ C of lite pancake syrup
  • Try replacing 2 fluid ounces (fl oz) of flavored coffee creamer with 2 fl oz of 2% milk



  • Replace 1 C of a cream-based soup with 1 C of a broth-based soup
  • Skip the cheese on your burger, sandwich, or salad
  • Choose carbonated fruit-flavored water, instead of regular soda
    • Trade a 6-oz cup of yogurt with fruit on the bottom for a 4-oz cup of lite yogurt blended with fruit



  • Make your tacos with 3 oz of grilled chicken breast, instead of 3 oz of 85% lean ground beef
  • Choose one slice of thin-crust cheese pizza, instead of a slice of pepperoni pan pizza (one piece is measured as one-eighth of a 14″ pizza)
  • Replace either smoked pork or beef sausage with either smoked turkey or chicken sausage
  • Replace 2 tablespoons (Tbsp) of salted stick butter with 2 Tbsp of a reduced-calorie margarine spread
  • Choose ½ C of black beans, instead of refried beans, when preparing Mexican food



  • Choose ½ C of sorbet, instead of premium ice cream
  • Munch on five reduced-fat vanilla wafers, instead of one big chocolate-chip cookie
  • Use ¼ C fat-free ranch dressing, instead of French onion dip, for dipping your raw vegetables or pretzels
  • Replace one-half of the oil in your favorite baking recipe with unsweetened applesauce
  • Trade your regular buttered popcorn for Orville Redenbacher’s® SmartPop! microwave popcorn



Review Date 2/14


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