Ton Of Fun Weight Loss Challenge

11 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Get Fit. Have Fun. Lose Weight.

Join us in a 11 week challenge to lose weight. New & Revamped Ton of Fun Weight Loss Program is back with more amenities for greater success and camaraderie!

Join us for "Last Breakfast" Kickoff Event on Saturday, January 6th @ The Armory from 9:30am to 10:30am.


Session - Sunday, January 7th - Saturday, March 24th 2018

As a participant, you will work on your own to lose the weight, but we'll provide support along the way:

  • Weekly weigh-ins (any time during the week that works best for you during our normal hours of operation)
  • Weekly eNewsletter with nutrition resources, success stories and weight loss tips
  • Closed Group Page on Facebook filled with tips, motivation and support.
  • Workout Challenge component
  • Workout Log to log your activity so the TOF Administrator can check in and help, plus provide daily inspirations and exercise challenges to keep you motivated
  • Healthy Cooking Class with F Oliver's Oils & Vinegars - Tuesday, Jan 23rd 7:15PM - 8:30PM at the Armory - Learn about healthy cooking using specialty oils and vinegars.
  • Mid-session Life Check Talk with Maggie Quinn - Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 7PM at the Armory - Maggie, experienced life coach and fitness professional will provide an opportunity to get refocuses, provide more focus, plus tips and tricks to making this work in a wild busy life
  • Nutrition News Talk with Krista Campbell, RD - Monday, Jan.  8th at 7:10PM @ The Armory  - an opportunity to learn about proper nutrition from the experts
  • Prize incentives

Learn more at our Facebook LIVE Information Session on Fleet Feet Sports Rochester Fan Facebook Page - Tuesday, January 2nd from 8PM-8:30PM.  Click Here to "Like" the Page.

Learn more about the program right from your living room!!


  • $60 registration fee

*Earn up to $45 back in store vouchers, if you reach select goals! Sorry no refunds.

 How to earn $45 in vouchers to Fleet Feet Sports AND the Ton of FUN Badge

  • Receive a $20 Fleet Feet In-Store Voucher once you complete 6 weekly weigh-ins AND lose 2% of your body weight (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 4lbs). 
  • Receive a $20 Fleet Feet In-Store Voucher if you complete 6 weekly weigh-ins and lose at least 4% of your body weight in by the end of the 11 weeks (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 8lbs).
  • Receive a $5 Fleet Feet Training Program Voucher towards Winter Training Program if you attend 10 or more Fleet Feet Sports sponsored workouts (Group Run/Walks, Fitness Class, No Bo, HFM).  Must check in via fitvil or via instructor for fitness classes in order to obtain workout count.

PLUS... receive prizes when you reach one of our “Race Clubs” by the end of the challenge. 

  • 5K Club (3.1lbs in weight loss) 
  • 10K Club (6.2lbs in weight loss) 
  • Half Marathon Club (13.1lbs in weight loss) 
  • Marathon Club (26.2lbs in weight loss) 
  • Ultra Club (any weight loss 26.3lbs or more)  

Social Media Support

One of the unique aspects of our Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge is our social media outreach to participants. As part of the program, you will be invited to join our closed Facebook group page with your fellow participants. This has been a great outlet for encouragement and support. We also invite you to take part in our media chats to answer all of your questions.

Workout Log

Workout Log is a phenomenal addition to the program as it allows you to log your workouts for the TOF Administrator to see and help provide feedback.  In addition, everyday you will receive an email for event reminders, workout reminders, motivational themed notes and mini exercise challenges.

Weekly Weigh Ins

Here are the weigh in weeks..... you can go to either Armory or Ridgeway during that week to weigh in.  You can only weigh in once/week.  The staff will be excited to see you, hear about your triumphs, perhaps even trials, but our staff is here to help.  If you are unable to weigh in during baseline week, the 2nd week will be baseline week.

Week 2 - Jan 14 - 20
Week 3 - Jan 21 - 27
Week 4 - Jan 28 - Feb 3
Week 5 - Feb 4 - 10
Week 6 - Feb 11 - 17
Week 7 - Feb 18 - 24
Week 8 - Feb 25 - Mar 3
Week 9 - Mar 4 - 10
Week 10 - Mar 11 - 17
Week 11 (final weigh in week) - Mar 18 - 24

Are You Ready To Commit?

Click the button below to register online. Once you sign up, you'll start receiving our weekly email with more information, including how to join our closed Facebook group page


Here's what to expect: You will have your first official weigh-in week of Jan 7-13th.  You can come any day of the week while the store is open. (Relax... all weigh-ins will be done privately in one of our dressing rooms... and your actual weight will NEVER be revealed to others). We will also record your initial base line weight which we will use to track your progress. We are not doing weigh ins on January 6th, as this is "Last Breakfast", a kickoff, the day to get your head in the game, to focus on your intentions and prepare for the coming weeks of incredible behavioral and eating change.

For more information on Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge, contact

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Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

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