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Would you like Fleet Feet Sports at your School, Meet or Event? Or, would you like to have a special event for your team in store?

We have hosted Team Spike Nights for Fairport, Canandaigua, Webster, Wayne, Churchville Chili & more and have hosted Recovery Zones and/or product booths at Dash in the Dark, Penfield Summer Series, Webster Invitational, Alexander Invitational, Hilton Cadet Classic, Eastridge Lancer Invitational & the Royal Comet Invitational. We are always looking for ways to help support student-athletes in any way possible and would love to connect with you and your team.

Fleet Feet Sports is able to provide:

  • Getting fit for trainers, spikes, apparel, sports bras & more
  • Exclusive team-specific Spike Nights
  • Coaches Corners, Parents Tents, Recovery Zones for meets and events
  • Printing for apparel and gear such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, jackets, uniforms, stickers, etc.
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Program Start: Anytime!
Program Fee: FREE!
Description: Fleet Feet Sports is dedicated to serving YOUR running community, whether it be providing team gear, supporting your events or timing a meet.

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