Training Tips

Life After No Boundaries

Remember Remember that you’ve formed a habit over the past several weeks, don’t stop!  You’ve done the toughest part…

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5 Simple Rules to Run & Walk By

5 SIMPLE RULES TO RUN/WALK BY Here we are at week 9 in your training, more than half-way there, and you’ve done an amazing job. You are…

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Shin Splints

Strengthen your calf muscles with exercises: Toe raises can help build the shin muscles and improve their flexibility so you can overco…

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Running and Walking at Night

Some other important tips to keep in mind when hitting the streets in the dark: 1. DON'T WEAR HEADPHONES. Wearing headphones reduces you…

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Rule #1: Always Run/Walk Facing Traffic Runners and walkers should always be facing traffic. Make eye contact with on coming AND turning cars…

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Cross Training

Why should you cross train and why is it good for you?  Running is, arguably, the fastest way to get fit. Running helps build lung capaci…

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Race Day Prep

The day before the race - Reflect. Do you remember why you signed up and/or joined this program?  Whether it was to get in shape bec…

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Nutrition 101

We'll start with the right foods and quantities needed to achieve peak performance.  A balanced diet should include the following essenti…

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How to Stay Motivated

Your Problem Isn't Motivation Peter Bregman is a strategic advisor to CEOs and their leadership teams. "Peter," my friend Byron emailed me a…

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