Coach Tim Sheffer

I have been running on and off since high school.  I would run for several months, then life would get in the way, and running would fall by the wayside for months or even years at a time, and I would then start all over.  During my “on times” I had the opportunity to run in a number of places around the country and even around the world, including participating in some 5k and 10k races, but then it would be back to the “off times” again.

Well about 5 years ago, I found Fleet Feet and the No Boundaries program, and the on again off again of the past has been left behind.  I have to give my wife credit for bringing me to No Boundaries.  She saw information about the program and tried to talk me into joining her, but I said “We have a great treadmill in the basement, if the weather is bad, and if the weather is good, I can just run from home on my own.”  So off she went to No Boundaries without me, and I ran on the treadmill and on my own outside, while she did No Boundaries.  She was incredibly enthused with the program and the people she was meeting and the progress she was making toward her goals, she finally convinced me to give it a try, which I did. By the way, I have used the treadmill once since becoming involved with No Boundaries.

I started out in the 2.0 program not knowing really what to expect, but switched to the 3.0 midway through the program.  I did 3.0 again, and began running in 5k races in the Rochester area.  I then became a mentor in the No Boundaries program and did that for several sessions, before being asked to become a Coach.

I have now been coaching the No Boundaries programs for over 2 years, and continue to get great enjoyment out of running and seeing participants achieve their goals, It is incredibly rewarding to see participants accomplish goals they didn’t think.

In the last year and a half, I have run 8 half marathons including a destination half in Bermuda earlier this year, with 2 more signed up for later this year.  I have run numerous local 5k’s and 10k’s as well as a couple of destination 10k’s, along with friends made through No Boundaries.  Finally during this time, I have also done multiple Duathlons. 

So in conclusion as No Boundaries says, “Running Changes Everything”

Tim Sheffer

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