Coach Linda Chalmers

Hello, my name is Linda Chalmers and I’m currently the WalkFIT Half Marathon Coach. Every walker or runner has a story to tell, mine starts with our son Ryan who had just competed in the London Paralympic Games in 2012 and then told us that he would be pushing his racing wheelchair from LA to NYC in the “Push Across America” during the spring of 2013. Our family decided we had better get off the coach as they say and get some exercise. My husband and daughter both joined No Boundaries, I started as a WalkFIT participant in 2013 after a friend told me how much her Mom loved the program. In the Fall of 2014, I became a mentor and loved being with all the new participants who were just finding their love for walking. The next session, Spring of 2014, I became a walking coach. I have completed 7 half marathons and 2 marathons as a walker and have enjoyed every minute of the process to get there. The lesson’s I have learned, and I have learned many, I will definitely share with you. I must say the hardest race I have ever walked was a 10K that I ended up walking alone. Lesson #1: Find a walking (or running) friend… in my opinion there is no greater advice. The friends you meet will be there for a life time… Open up and let them in! They will be next to you when you feel faint, will slow down when the blisters are bad, and will help you get to your car when you are so cold you’re afraid your fingers won’t open the car door. Crazy stories, yes we all have them, and I bet there are friends that would remember them  well!

Enjoy your walk/run and don’t forget to smile at the person walking/running next to you. Hey, you never know! 

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