Coach Duane Basch

Coach Duane Basch

If I haven’t said it to you in person I’ll say it now, WELCOME to WalkFIT Beginner 5K!

I started my running / walking career many years ago, doing as little running as possible during high school sports, but found myself running much more through college and as my wife, Nancy, and I started a family in the Upper Monroe Avenue neighborhood back in the 80’s – we were one of those early jogging stroller families.  I re-started running seriously when my oldest son took up cross-country – mostly so I could see him compete at something other than the start/finish line.  I’ve run everything from 5K’s to marathons, and even attempted the Sehgahunda Trail marathon (mercifully pulled after 7 hours on a muddy course).  I was involved with Fleet Feet as a pacer for half marathon and marathon training for about 5 years, and when I began having difficulty with longer runs I moved to mentoring in the NoBo 5K program.  From there I moved to WalkFIT almost two years ago, where I was an occasional mentor at first and then became a coach. I continue to love the comradery of Fleet Feet and YellowJacket Racing events, and I walk in 5K  and longer races, including the Snow Cheap and Dirt Cheap series.

Like some of you I’ll be restarting my training this session as I’ve recently had hip replacement surgery.  One of my goals in WalkFIT this session is to re-establish my endurance and be able to walk at a sustained pace for several miles.  Before surgery I had been working to find an efficient walking technique, and pace, and I look forward to returning to that as a longer-term goal so that I can train for and possibly walk in a half-marathon in the future.

In my spare time, my wife Nancy and I organize a youth running program, the Monroe Milers, from our church on the corner of Monroe Ave. and Rosedale Street.  In that program we prepare kids to run (or walk) a 5K over an 8-week period.  And, as you may have guessed, I coach a walking group there as well!

Don't hesitate to ask me questions, and if you would prefer not to ask in a group, pull me aside after we stretch or before a workout, or even drop me an e-mail.  And PLEASE, if you have a comment or suggestion on what we can do to make your experience with WalkFIT better – let me know.  

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