Coach Christine DeHond

Hi- I'm Coach Christine- my name is Christine DeHond, and I have been running since I started with the No Boundaries Learn to Run program in June 2012. I always wanted to run, but I never imagined I could. I tried the couch to 5k, usually on a treadmill (I was too embarrassed to try to run outside), but I never got past a few days. My boyfriend, who is an avid runner, encouraged me and told me about the No Boundaries program at Fleet Feet Sports. I was nervous, but I went to every workout, did my homework, and little by little I found myself running! I joined a homework group, and it made the whole experience so much fun. Summerfest was my first 5K in August 2012.  
After No Boundaries 5K I did 3.0 Training, where the longest distance was 6 miles.  I promised myself I would run at least 1 race every month for a year (and I have kept up this streak ever since!). This led to my first 10K in February 2013. Along the way I learned to better pace myself, and that occasional walk breaks did not mean I was not a runner.  Some of my homework friends were signing up for Half Marathon training-- peer pressure always works- so I signed up to train for the Rochester Regional Health System Flower City Challenge Half Marathon, and ran it in April 2013. (I've since run 8 half marathons). In 2016 I trained for my first marathon, and I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 1, 2016.
When I was in my 30s I was in a very unhappy place in my personal life, I was obese, and I really didn't like myself very much. Going through a divorce, becoming a single parent supporting myself and my son was hard, but it taught me to be tough. So I knew I was tough, but running taught me I was also strong. That I could handle anything. To take things one step at a time, and instead of saying "I can't", now I say "I can". Crossing the finish line in Pittsburgh was a great moment- I was terrified when I signed up- but week after week of training, step by step, mile by mile, I climbed that mountain.

I've coached No Boundaries now for 2 years (after mentoring and also pace leading for Half Full Marathon Training), and I love coaching. I love seeing people find that inner strength, and savor the success of a good run or crossing the finish at a race.  If you told me 20 years ago that someday I'd run a marathon I'd have laughed out loud. But now running is a huge part of who I am. And I couldn't be happier.
So let's run!  Christine :)

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