Hydration Tips

Fleet Feet Sports Hydration tips

1. Water is fabulous for you.

It helps your muscles recover. It regulates your temperature. It keeps your blood sugar right. It helps all your systems go. It fights fatigue. It helps your brain work.

2. Drink often, before a workout, and definitely when you’re thirsty.

            Listen to your body and you’re generally on the right track. Guidelines like 8 ounces every hour have been set aside for a more open, common sense rule. But drink up; a lot of people don’t drink enough water and are constantly a little dehydrated. Hydrate about an hour or so before a workout.

3. Electrolyte-replacement drinks can help you recover.

            They add water and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chromium, manganese, and other stuff) back into your body. Sports drinks with carbohydrates add more than just electrolytes. Sports drinks with added sugar can add too much sugar into your diet so don’t overdo those. Be wary of combining sugary drinks with carb-loaded gels—it can be too much at once for your system.

4. It is possible to drink too much water.

            It’s not common but it does happen. It can flood your system and get your salt/mineral balance so off you can’t function.

5. Keep it simple.

            If you can’t figure out what’s in a drink, avoid it. 

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