Training Tips

Embarrassing Running Problems

Embarrassing Running Problem #1: Black or Lost Toenails Some runners, especially those training for long-distance events, can suffer from blac…

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Fueling For Distance Runners

Types of Nutrition Gels – These come in packets or economy size bottles that have a pudding like consistency.  They come in a…

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Hydration Tips

Fleet Feet Sports Hydration tips 1. Water is fabulous for you. It helps your muscles recover. It regulates your temperature. It keeps your b…

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As I am sure you have discovered, there are so many different aspects in your training thatyou need to pay attention to. Just like you stay de…

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Cross Training

When you hear the words cross training, what do you think of? Most runners would probablythink that cross training will help with injury preve…

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Tips for Recovery

As with any sport, running will progressively break down muscle tissue and then rebuild to make you more fit.  The impact is greater the …

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Rest and Recovery

It is such a great feeling to see you get excited about the long runs, new distances and weekly speed/tempo workouts. I like seeing your ̶…

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Consuming an adequate amount of water every day can serve many roles in keeping your body functioning properly. Here at the top 10 things that…

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Warm up

Warming up your muscles is an important part of your workout that needs to be done before every run.  Without it, you increase the risk o…

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