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Good Form Running has been widely adopted as one of the best running techniques and is helping runners across the country run faster, easier and injury free.

Along with New Balance, we are happy to host Certified Good Form Running Clinics at all of our locations. Watch this short video from Good Form Running Founder, Grant Robison, to learn what it's all about. Then, register for an upcoming clinic and let one of our certified coaches take you through the four main points of Good Form Running. Come in workout gear. It's not a full workout, but you will be doing some light running and drill work.

 This workshop includes:

  • Video analysis of your form
  • Explanation of key methods to improve your form
  • Demonstration of techniques to teach your body Good Form Running
  • A $10 store voucher

Upcoming Good Form Running Schedule, Times and Locations for 2019 

Cost: $10

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Program Start: Sunday, December 8th, 10:00am at the Armory
Program Schedule: 10am
Program Fee: $10 per session. Pricing includes the hour long clinic and a $10 store voucher.
Description: This interactive workshop is brought to you by New Balance. The hands-on coaching teaches runners how to use their bodies, their legs and their foot-strike in the most efficient manner to create good running form.
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