Trio Massage Balls From Addaday

Trio Massage Balls From Addaday

By Eric Miller, FIT Specialist

Everyone loves a good massage from a licensed physical therapist, but there's not always enough time in your busy schedule to fit in a little TLC for your muscles. Enter Trio Massage Balls to the rescue!

As the name suggests, the Trio is actually three products in one--a set of massage balls in three different densities to provide various levels of intensities. The Trio allows you to become your own massage therapist by increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, breaking up knots known as trigger points, and relieving soreness. The Trio balls are especially effective targeting tight calves, the plantar fascia, and those hard-to-reach upper back muscles.


The Trio is most effective if you use it before and after workouts to help warm-up and cool down. They are easily portable so you can toss one, two, or all three in your gym or work bag and massage on the go! Sets of Trio Massage Balls are available at Fleet Feet Sports. Stop in today and treat yourself.


Click here for more information on the art of self massage.

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