Hoke One One Rocket MD Spike

Hoka One One Rocket MD Spike
By Seth Yernye, FIT Specialist

Hoka One One is best known as “those shoes with giant, cushioned mid-soles” and a favorite among the trail and ultrarunning crowds. However, with the introduction of the Hoka One One Rocket MD Spike, this brand is now looking sleek and fast. The Rocket MD Spike can be used for any track and field event from 400 meters up to the 1 mile. In contrast to the maximalist feeling you get from Hoka One One road and trail shoes, the Rocket MD Spike provides a lightweight, snappy feeling.


I like that Hoka One One has broken into the spike market, giving competitors more choices. Being a former middle distance runner and an avid Hoka One One wearer, I was very excited for this item to hit our shelves. It's a very aggressive spike, which is an accurate representation of how I like to run—aggressively! The colors of this spike remind me of fun days running in high school and college, when all I had to worry about was which bowl of cereal I’d pour in the morning.


With the spring season upon us, track and field runners should come give this new shoe a try. In the Hoka One One Rocket MD Spike you’ll charge towards the finish line in record-setting times!

In additional to providing exceptional customer service at Fleet Feet Sports, Seth is an Assistant Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at The College at Brockport.

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