Craft Storm Tights

Craft Storm Tights
by Gavin Jenkins, Director of Cross Country, Track and Trail

It had to happen at some point. After weeks of unseasonably warm and snow-free weather, the winter of 2015-2016 seems to be finding its groove. Temperatures are forecast to drop into the single digits, testing the resolve of even the most gung-ho runner or walker. This is a time for Craft Storm Tights. I turn to Craft Storm Tights when I’m debating whether to run outside. These tights keep you incredibly warm, without causing overheating. Craft is a high-quality, lasting product that that I can count on to protect me from the elements. They give me that extra bit of motivation we all need to get outside in the winter, while make running in the cold 100 times more enjoyable. Especially during those winters that are not as tropical as this one. For men and women alike!

More about Craft Storm Tights

  • Warm and wind-protective training tights
  • Elastic, windproof front panel
  • Reflective pipings
  • Opening below knee for optimal freedom of movement
  • Draw-cord at waist

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