By Dominique Estratti, FIT Specialist

My staff pick of the week is Yurbuds! There are days when I need extra motivation to go out for a run so I decide to listen to music. Before purchasing a pair of Yurbuds I would either use a pair of old headphones I found laying around the house and fight to keep them from falling out of my ears or stick my phone in my sports bra and run with my music playing loud. Neither of those were comfortable for me. I was always adjusting something. Yurbuds are awesome because not only do they NEVER fall out of my ears but I hardly even notice that I'm wearing them. They are shaped and sized to specifically fit into our ears comfortably which means no more adjusting! Another great thing is that they last! I always would buy headphones and they'd always break and stop working but I have had my pair of Yurbuds for over a year now and they're still working perfectly!

By Dominique Estratti, Fit Specialist

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