Sodus Point Triathlon

By Tiina Kriisa-Leo, FIT Specialist

The Sodus Point Triathlon is my favorite race of the summer! It is a small event, but that adds to its appeal. The community is extremely supportive – it seems like all of the residents are out on their lawns cheering for every participant. Advantages include real bathrooms in the beach house—where the men typically have a long line (for a change!) and the ladies waltz right in and out!  The swim  can be unpredictable (hey! – it’s Lake Ontario in August), but the run to Transition is flat and short and it’s easy to find your bike.  The bike course is quite flat (well…almost..) and fast.  The run takes you right by the historic lighthouse and finished up along the numbered streets so you can count down to your final spring to the YJR arch and Ellen’s welcome.  Sodus Point is a great place to be in August. Come on out and “tri” it out.

By Tiina Kriisa-Leo, FIT Specialist


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