Karhu Footwear

The Bear Is Back

Reduce Waste. Produce Efficiency.

Karhu's patented Fulcrum Technology collaborates with the foot to convert a runner's natural energy into efficient forward momentum. It is designed to:

  1. FEEL (easier). The Fulcrum Technology lowers the foot to ground angle allowing for a smoother, more comfortable landing. 
  2. RIDE (farther). The Fulcrum Technology reduces overstriding and promotes a more balanced body position iwth a gentle forward lean.
  3. STRIDE (faster). The Fulcrum Technology activates the calf muscle for greater forward propulsion and increased forward momentum.

Stop in to try out the new Fast 6 and Fluid 5 today.

  • The Fast 6 features Karhu's maximum rolling effect with a full length fulcrum, designed from heel to toe to assist runners of all levels and weights. 
  • The Fluid 5 features a half length fulcrum, allowing an accentuated transition off the fulcrum unit onto the forefoot.  

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