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No personal safety system does more to keep you safe. Only Wearsafe Tag gives your friends and family all the information and tools they need to get you the right help, right away. 

How does it work?

At the first sign of trouble, pressing the Wearsafe Tag keeps you a step ahead of the situation. It uses the power of your phone to alert friends and family, sends them audio from the scene and starts a live chat room where they can coordinate a response or call 911. All while keeping your phone—your lifeline—out of sight.

On-scene Audio

Your trusted circle can hear what’s happening as it happens—no need to guess what’s wrong.

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Wearsafe Rewind

Captures what led up to the situation with audio from 60 seconds before you pressed the Tag.

Group Chat

The Wearsafe App becomes a virtual situation room where your friends can coordinate their response.

Easier to Activate

If you’re hurt or in danger, you can’t count on being able to find, unlock and dial your phone to call for help.

Real-time Feedback

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Wearsafe lets you know help is coming by silently vibrating each time someone gets your alert.

200-foot Range

Send an alert from up to 200 feet away from your smart phone.

One-touch 911

Your friends and family can take immediate action by calling 911 right from the app, if needed.

Sends Location Only When Pressed

Your GPS coordinates are private and only shared when you press the Tag.

Service Details - What's Included With Your Purchase

With your purchase, you get the device plus 6 months of Wearsafe service. After 6 months, you can continue your Wearsafe service for only $5 per month - this can be enabled directly from the app. While your service will NOT automatically renew, don’t worry - you’ll receive an email before your 6 months are up to notify you that your service will be ending and ask you to renew.

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