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Find out if our No Boundaries WalkFIT, Learn to Run 5K, 2.0 or 3.0 programs are right for you!

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Next session begin on Saturday, September 28th

What is WalkFIT?

Perfect for those who have no desire to run, but still want to be active and fit.  WalkFIT is strictly walking and perfect for the beginner exerciser to the advanced walker who can walk 3 miles.


What is No Boundaries Learn to Run 5K Training?

A beginner 5K program designed to guide you safely and effectively into running, while learning valuable information on healthy living.  Perfect for people who don't run at all, have a hard time starting or are unsure what to do.  This program starts out walking and slowly builds into running, preparing you for a 5K (3.1 mile) race.


What is 2pt0 Training?

Perfect for those who recently ran their first 5K and want to improve but aren't yet ready for longer distances.  This program will work to improve speed, endurance and performance at the 5K level. 


What is 3pt0 Training?

Perfect for those who can run between 2-3 miles but have a hard time going further.  This program will train you towards a 10K-12K.  For those who run 2-3 miles or want to move from the 5K to the 10K/12K distance. 


Where do Coached Workouts Occur?*

Saturdays at 8AM:  Locations change each week to allow for variety.   

Wednesdays at 6PM at 2 Locales (workouts will be identical at both locales)

Kickoff & First Group Workout - Sat. September 28th from 8AM-10AM at Genesee Waterways Center


The Program Includes:

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