Presentation on Off Season Injury Prevention

Monday, Nov 30th
7:15pm at Ridgeway

Staying injury-free is one of the most challenging parts of running. Because of this, learning what you can do to prevent injuries is a critical part of a long running career. On November 30th, Focused Health Chiropractic will be sharing their knowledge to keep all of you healthy. They will be suggesting stretches, strengthening movements, and training tips that target the typical injured areas of runners and have worked well for their patients over the years.

Presenting will be Dr. Tristan Burton:
"I have had a sports chiropractic practice for over 12 years now. As a former college athlete and now weekend warrior, I enjoy helping patients stay active and maintain training. I have been certified in a highly sought after diagnosis and treatment system, Active Release Technique, for 12 years also. This is a highly sought after diagnosis and treatment system that I am happy to be able to share with my patients. As a runner, cyclist athlete, it is easy to relate to the Fleet Feet-ers."

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