Marathon Gear Up Day

Saturday, August 5th @ The Armory

Imagine a day where everyone is talking about training for a half marathon or marathon.

Where experts are on hand, ready and willing to answer all those questions that are running through your mind - everything from fueling and footwear to injury prevention and recovery.

Where you can get hands on help selecting gear you need to get you to the finish line.

Mark you calendars for Saturday, August 5th. If you're training for a fall event, this is one day you won't want to miss!

What's in store:


  • Taste testing of on-course nutrition. Glukos Energy Powder (electrolyte drink) will be available on course at all of the aid stations from 4.5 miles on; Gu Energy Gels will be available at the 4.5 and 19 mile aid stations.
  • Sports Bra Fittings. When was the last time you were measured? While most women athletes wear a sports bra for support and comfort, many are likely wearing the wrong size. This can result in breast pain and even soft tissue damage. It’s important to make sure you have adequate support so you can lead an active lifestyle without unnecessary discomfort. 
  • fit id - 3D scanning technology. See your feet the way we see them with fit id. Fit id provides a full scan of your feet in five seconds, measuring everything that matters. Together, we review your interactive scan and talk about what it means. Using your scan and our expertise, we customize fit solutions for you to try, buy, and love.

9:00am - Stretching Clinic

You pound the pavement and put in the hours to get into top running shape. After an exhausting run, you might be tempted to sit or lie down. But getting off your feet too soon could cause muscles and tendons to tighten up. We'll take you through a series of post-run stretches that will jump start your recovery and reduce overall muscle soreness.

9:30am - Injury Prevention & Self Massage

Self massage pre- and post-workout is incredibly important to keep your muscles in great condition for running and walking. We want everyone to know how easy and quickly you can do this on your own. This clinic will teach you how to make the most of self massage tools from Addaday, Trigger Point and Strassburg Products. We'll demonstrate simple techniques to provide relief for tired, sore and tense muscles. Following the clinic, you'll be better prepared for the rigors of everyday life!

10:00am - Three Best Neurology Based Exercises for the Runner

The most successful runners include strength training between their runs. However the type of strength training is critical and dictates whether the body is further supported or broken down. Dr. Mike Fink from Pittsford Performance Care will be offering a fifteen minute demonstration covering the Three Best Neurology Based Exercises for the Runner. This will be followed by a one hour window where Dr. Mike will be available in the store for one-on-one evaluations and questions from the athletes. 

10:30am - Q&A with our Coaches

Get your questions ready. Ellen and Coach Maggie are ready to answer them! Whether you need advice on what to wear on your long run, some tips to beat the heat during the dog days of summer or looking for some advice to survive the dreaded taper - Ellen and Maggie will share their knowledge and experience with you.

11:00am - Let's Talk Shoes

How often should you be replacing your shoes? Will your current shoes make it to race day? How can you tell if they need to be replaced? When should you replace them? Get answers to these questions - and any others you may have when it comes to your shoes during this clinic.

11:30am - Race Day Checklist


With all the hard work that you’ve invested in reaching your goal event, you want to arrive at the starting line feeling calm, healthy, and ready to run your best. What kind of gear should you bring with you, both on your person for during the race and in a drop bag to have waiting for you at the finish line.


12:00pm - Fueling for the Long Run

There are an endless option of sports nutrition products on the market to keep you fueled and feeling strong during your long runs. Many also offer electrolytes to prevent cramping and dehydration. We'll go over the basics of what you need to know to help develop your race day fueling strategy. We'll also show you some options to help you comfortably carry what you need with you so you won't have to relay on the aid stations along the way. 

Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of some special savings on items throughout the store!

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