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Fleet Feet is excited to partner with Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Training to provide you an awesome opportunity to help your body to enjoy and succeed at running even more than it already is!  If you’re interested in learning more about keeping your body healthy, optimizing performance, and preventing injury this three-part series of interactive sessions is just for you. 

Our Functional Performance Series will give you some new tools to use in your arsenal of training that keeps your body feeling at its best and minimizing the chance for breakdown.  The fact is you can’t reach your running goals or enjoy the process if your body is down for the count.  Pain, slower times, being a “lesser you” than normal once hours pass by or the next morning rolls around is not what you signed up for.  This series will give you do-it-yourself tools during interactive hands-on 60 minute training sessions that are meant to equip you to make a difference in how prepared your body is to take on the rigors of running so you can keep coming back for more! 

We can’t wait to see you there! 

Session I:   Knowing Your Body:  The Top Five Injuries – Am I At Risk? - *Capped at 40 - REGISTER HERE
Wednesday, September 11th 7-8pm at the Armory 

This session will teach you about five of the most common running injuries seen at Peak Performance and based on available studies.  We’ll share with you some of the top myths runners commonly fall victim to with each of these injuries.  You’ll learn the biggest mistake runners make when hurt.   You’re going to learn a quick self-assessment to see if you’ve got any of the biomechanical issues that might be contributing to injury or poor performance. PLUS FREE REPORT – The Top Five Running Injuries to every participant.

Session II:  Dynamic 3D Functional Flexibility  - Optimize Running & Keep You Injury-free - *Capped at 30 - REGISTER HERE 
Tuesday, September 24th 7-8pm at the Armory 

Many runners rely on traditional stretching or yoga to keep them mobile while others have completely abandoned stretching all together based on things they’ve read on the internet or in popular magazines.  Peak Performance’s running experts will dispel the myths and share with you some valuable truths both from the literature and from their professional experiences dealing with running injuries in all ages and genders and levels.  Your body only performs properly when all three planes of motion are not only even working and turned on.. but in the right amounts and at the right times.  While there are lots of effective ways to stretch or gain flexibility most lack one or more of the top five keys to making your flexibility exercises be powerfully effective.  You’ll learn a sequence of key functional lower extremity stretches that help promote normal running biomechanics and equip you to identify asymmetries and shortcomings that you need to work on for happy running!

Session III:   Bodyweight Strength & Balance Training Circuit  - Take Your Running to New Levels! - *Capped at 20 - REGISTER HERE 
Wednesday, October 2nd 7-8pm at the Armory 

We all know that running is considered an “endurance” or  a cardiovascular activity.  The rules of Specificity of Training would imply that runners should focus especially on aerobic exercises to optimize performance.  Cross training usually then involves other forms of “cardio” right?  Elliptical, cycling, name just a few.  But did you know that research now tells us that strength training actually can benefit runners and even result in better times?  Yet so many runners don’t love to lift weights or don’t have access and most don’t know exactly which exercises would be best.  The Peak Performance team are experts at biomechanics and function.  You’re going to learn a challenging circuit of bodyweight based training you can do build base level multiplanar strength and balance that is authentic to running (rather than the bodybuilding type exercises we all tend to learn in the gym) and will help optimize your performance and reduce your injury risk.

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