I used to run alone...

If you told me at 25 that I would be running in my 40s I would have told you that you were crazy! I started running at 35 to get back in shape... My first 5k was Mother’s Days and I was hooked back in 2006! I continued to run on and off over the years and in 2008 I did the MVP Health Care Rochester Half Marathon... I was a lone runner… Always went out and did my runs alone... I started doing the Monday Fun Day Runs and the Friday Happy Hour runs at Fleet Feet Sports... I loved all the new people I was meeting! I have made some lifelong friends and looked forward to my runs with other runners! Last June I signed up for the Saturday pace pass and loved being in a group running with others at my pace...I loved it so much that I became a pace leader in the fall of 2014...I have friends that always say to me, I see you out running and wish I could be a runner! I always reply, of course you can be a runner! There are lots of great programs through Fleet Feet Sports where you will run with others starting out just like you!  I have encouraged friends to trust the training and enjoy it! I am a happy runner and truly feel blessed to be able to get out and do what I love with the Fleet feet Sports community! As I'm running I always talk to other runners and try to be positive and encouraging.  I completed the MVP Health Care Rochester Full Marathon in September of 2013 and The Marine Corps Marathon in 2014 and will be again doing the Marines Corps Marathon in October 2015... I am doing the YellowJacket Racing Four Season Challenge and will be running Rochester Regional Health System Flower City Challenge with my husband Mike. This will be his first half marathon and I plan on running every step along with him cheering him on...Running has shown me that anything in life is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the work! I'm looking forward to a great running season! -Christine   

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