July: Shane Grant

Shane has been an inspiration to many walkers since she began doing Walkfit in September 2015. Shane has lived with a cardiac condition for quite some time, yet she continues to get out there and participate in races. This past year she PR'd at the Big Run on June 6th. She has convinced friends to walk in the Winter Warrior relay for the last two years. Her "you can do whatever you set out to do" attitude is infectious. As a mentor in the Beginner WalkFIT Program, Shane shares her story of walking and reassures people new to walking that it can be done and is fun.

"Everyone has a story and they are always great stories. I do take pride in working hard to always stay positive and motivate others to take a chance and make this their new way of life. Maybe being the focus of this recognition will help to motivate one more crazy walker to join us this summer and beyond." - Shane

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