'Tis The Season To Be Trailing

'Tis The Season To Be Trailing

Trail running has been growing among ALL types of runners. From your weekend warrior to elite athlete, new runner to veteran, many are hitting the trails to spice up their normal routine. Whether it's an early morning run on the weekend or an evening run during the week after work, you can find runners of all abilities and experiences come together to hit the trails. If you're used to running on flat and hard surfaces like streets and sidewalks, it's a good idea to introduce some trails into your training regimen. 

When you ask runners why they love trails - answers point in many different directions. Trail running changes the scenery that you're used to while also making you much more aware of where you're stepping and making your run more intentional. It's also healthful to recruit new muscles and take a break from the hard running surfaces you're used to. The beauty and serenity found running in the trails is also what has captured many runners. Many also enjoy how the terrain and conditions dictate your pace and effort, making trail running an experience where you must remain versatile and adaptable.

Racing in trails has also gained enormous popularity in recent years. Running in mud, up hills, across streams, and over sticks, dirt and rocks is an invigorating feeling. Now add in a race bib, runners gathered together for competition and community, and the awesome race day atmosphere - it's no wonder why trails are gaining popularity among racers.

So lace up your trail shoes and join us! Or if you don't have any yet, come on in and ask about our variety of hybrid and technical trail shoes. You can learn to run trails, refine your skills, and even help others learn with us on Sunday, November 8th at 9am at Webster Park for Trails With The Endurance Team.

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