What the heck does that mean. It means it's time for some adventure. For the last 12 years my sole focus has been on building our businesses and providing more fitness activities for our community. All my years before that were dedicated to training and competitions. I'm about to turn 46 years old, I spend too many hours behind my desk, I've got a few too many pounds on my frame and not enough hours in my day. That's all going to change in 2016 and I'm inviting others to join on this adventure

Back in September I was sitting watching movies as we hosted The Trail Running Film Festival. I always get motivated when I watch things like this and think up how am I going to get back at it. I always still want to get out there and challenge myself. Most of the time I end up doing the challenge but without the training. In 2007 I ran an ultra on zero training. A few years back I partook in the Disney Half, again on no training and then last fall I ran a road marathon on no training (that one sucked). Each time I had good intentions to train but life got in the way and honestly races don't motivate me anymore. So why not make the training the challenge and the final adventure the reward.

Now I'm lucky that I usually have a partner in crime for these things. As I envisioned 3 or 4 different adventures I knew Sean would be up for them, he always is, usually against his better judgement. Little did he know, him skipping those movies that night would mean big adventures for him in 2016. So on 9/17/15 I sent him a text letting him know that 2016 training starts now. After a bunch of back and forth, a fair amount of taunting, a few odd photos and a bunch of vulgarities he agreed

Boots & Sean's 2016 Stupid Human Endurance Tricks is a go.

So you ask what the heck will you be doing, good question. Right now we have penciled in 3 big adventures that we will be attempting. The first one will be this winter. We will watch the weather closely and on the perfect day we will go after a challenge I've wanted to do for a few years. I cant say what this one is specifically but its cool. The 2nd and 3rd adventures will last 24-36 hours each and we will be inviting others to join us for parts of the adventure.

What else will we be doing, I'm glad you asked. We'll be documenting a lot of our training courtesy of one of our partners, Garmin. We will be uploading training data from our Garmin Fenix 3 GPS units as well as video from our Virb XE cameras. We'll be showing you some of the crazy fun places we run, you'll see the dumb stuff we attempt and how often Sean gets us lost in the woods. We'll offer up some training advice, we'll talk about some of the gear we are using, we'll tell exaggerated stories of how good we used to be. Our goal is to bring you along on this adventure, whether physically or virtually.

Its going to be fun. We've got some great partners that we are working with (Garmin, Nathan, Hoka) . We are mapping out our challenges. Our support team is getting ready. So watch for updates as we tackle SHET 2016



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