Mother Nature is messing with The SHET

Mother Nature is making this SHET thing hard.

While this winter has been mild, snow free and enjoyable for many it is totally messing up our SHET Project. How is that you ask? Great Question.

It all comes down to SHET1 is supposed to take place on snow. Completing our first adventure on snow is what makes the adventure interesting to us. We've done it before not on snow, we know we can do it tomorrow not on snow but completing the adventure while buried under the white stuff is what attracted us to the challenge (and yes I am not saying what exactly SHET1 is on purpose, its a surprise) Heck Nathan even supplied us with their Insulated bladders and bottles just for SHET1

So what have we been doing? Also a great question

1. We've been training. OK Sean has been training but I've logged some miles when I can and I had a great week on trails while on vacation (aka #shetcation)

2. We've been testing gear. I've been having fun shooting video out on trails with my Garmin Virb XE. Super easy to use and upload and picture quality is crazy nice now I just need to synch it with my Fenix 3 so you can see how slow I'm running in those videos. We've both been beating up our Smartwool socks and apparel wearing it everywhere, from trail and road runs to the office to a Super Bowl party. FYI, Nachos bounced right off the sleeve of Sean's Smartwool  long sleeve without leaving a mark, now that's performance wear

3. Planning to adjust and improvise. If we get enough snow one of these days we are ready to go on a moments notice. The gear is ready, the snowshoes are on standby and the shetsupport crew is on call. If we don't get enough snow the plan is we'll move SHET2 up a month or two and dive right into the big, long tough stuff.

 So stay alert, this is going to happen

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