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Okay, so why #shet?

Well, other than the obvious “I’m the sidekick for doing stoopid things”, it’s a bit longer of an answer than that. But in a nutshell, I generally I like stuff that sounds way beyond my reach and my ability at first pass. It motivates me and gets me thinking and moving.

Looking back, that pretty much describes my running in 2013.

Goofy Challenge, Sehgahunda, Mendon Mauler, Can Lakes 50K. All good challenges that tested and pushed me. Mostly solid training, mostly good running, and most importantly I learned some very helpful lessons about myself.

And 2014 started pretty well for me, with solid training and running of the Inaugural Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. Nothing record breaking, but a really fun and special experience all the same.

But, as 2014 continued, aside from our travels into Canada for the North Face Challenge, which I was way under trained for, my “training” started to fall off. There just wasn’t anything really special or motivating on the horizon. But, as always, it’s fun to “just run”.

Sure, before the year was out Boots and myself got “bamboozled” into running the Niagara Falls International Marathon. Unfortunately we didn’t get bamboozled into any solid training. Could’ve and should’ve been much better. But heck, I really can’t complain about the results for my first “real road marathon”.  But anyway, 2014 finished fairly well with that and a very interesting and fun Stage Race weekend.

All in all it ended up being an okay two year streak. But I was hoping to do more, and find some interesting and motivating challenges for 2015.

As the new year started I was having as much fun as ever coaching in the No Boundaries programs. And I registered for the “Four Seasons Challenge” which sounded fun and different. And I was getting excited to help out with the “Sehgahunda Training Program”, which is one of the highlights of my year.

Yeah, 2015 was shaping up nicely! Running, coaching, motivated for some fun new events. Nice. I figured this was a good start, and that I would find a few other events out there that would inspire some additional serious training and running.

The first of the Seasonal Challenges, the inaugural Winter Warrior Half Marathon, was everything as advertised! Cold, snow, dark, basically a total blast! I was happy with my start to the year and was looking forward to see what I could do in the next three seasonal races.

Then, everything pretty much fell apart very quickly.

April 12, 2015. A fairly ordinary trail training run took a bad turn.

Double fracture, lots of soft tissue damage, aggravated old injuries. Not good.

I spent the next three months in a cast and on “Scooter II”, missed a lot of fun events including two of the Seasonal Challenges, and was pretty much at square one with fitness, running and training.

But the funny thing was, as I was recovering and re-strengthening, I was looking ahead, not to my first post-recovery run or 5K, but instead how fast I could train to try a marathon or an ultra.

Stoopid, weird, not practical, and not smart, but it’s how my brain kinda works (or doesn’t work).

Fortunately I was talked into some more reasonable short-term goals.

I was happy to get enough training to get a few fun 5K’s, and then the final Four Season Challenge – the New Rochester Half, which was totally awesome on a great new course! No real great result or times, but I felt like I was back on track and ready to start some real training again.

The funny thing was, I found myself in the same mindset as I was at the end of 2014, asking myself what’s next, what would be a good long-term challenge, what is out there that would help me to continue to recover and motivate me? Hmmmm . . .

And, as Boots mentioned earlier, I made the mistake of missing the Trail Film Festival, and that left him without a filter and to his own devices. #Shet was born. Yes, there was some funny back and forth and negotiation as the concept developed, and the reason for doing #shet, but as it turned out, it’s exactly what I need. “#Shetty Timing” I guess.


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