The Power of the Banana


The banana has long been known as a superfood for runners. Before a workout or after, the nutritional benefits of bananas are perfectly aligned with what a runner’s body needs.


Many people enjoy eating bananas as their pre-run snack. Worried about what it may do to your stomach? Rest assured that bananas are a wise choice. While other foods may cause digestive discomfort, bananas are unlikely to cause gastrointestinal problems, making them a go-to food for many runners.

Their nutritional benefits are another reason for the banana’s popularity. High in carbs and potassium, they provide you with the energy you want for your run along with the potassium your muscles need to keep from cramping.


After your workout you’re going to want to replace what your body lost. Both protein and carbs are critical for a full recovery after a workout. Bananas contain easily digestible carbohydrates and can be paired deliciously with some peanut butter for your source of protein. Have a spare minute? Another great option is to make a smoothie with a banana and some protein powder! 

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